Style: Drum and Bass
Release date: 27-05-2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Hospital
Cat: NHS290DD

S.P.Y - Hospital Mixtape
Новый выпуск серии сборников "Hospital Mixtape" английского лейбла Hospital Records, составленный бразильским продюсером S.P.Y и включающий в себя 15 абсолютно новых работ.

TC, Jakes — Rep (S.P.Y Remix) 4:59
SpectraSoul — 4URGH 4:57
S.P.Y — Take Control 4:37
Bladerunner — The Storm 5:15
S.P.Y — Second Encounter 3:59
Dimension — Panzer 4:14
Logistics, Inja — Smoke Rings 4:33
Alibi — Hornet 4:30
M Set, Deefa — All Consuming Fear (Amoss Remix) 5:57
S.P.Y — Silent Wave 4:13
MachineCode, Lockjaw — Cry Me 5:44
Noisia — Omnivore 4:53
Annix — Contraband 4:31
Whiney — Guardians 4:25
PA — Battle of the Witts (Boosta & Atmos T Remix) 5:12
Fred V & Grafix — Ultraviolet (S.P.Y Remix) 4:56
Klax — Hotline 5:21
Dub Elements — Soulbringer 5:01
Anile — Don't Let Me In 3:50
Digital — Deadline (S.P.Y Remix) 5:51
London Elektricity — Why Are We Here? (S.P.Y Remix) 5:01
Random Movement — In Space, No One Can Hear You Funk 5:19
Break — Hope (feat. Celestine) 4:32
Muffler — Valentine 3:04
BCee — Back to the Street (S.P.Y Remix) 4:57
Lenzman — Cherry Blossom 5:17
Lisp — Got Me Down 4:52
Larigold — Don't Stop 5:46
Unreal, S.P.Y — Enduro 5:45
Keeno — Eos 3:27
S.P.Y — What the Future Holds (Etherwood Remix) 4:41
S.P.Y — Hospital Mixtape: S.P.Y (Continuous DJ Mix) 58:33


Following Etherwood and Fred V & Grafix, S.P.Y is the next to step up to the "Hospital Mixtape" series with a walloping 31-track mix of which almost half has never been released before. As you'd expect from the bazillion dollar Brazilian, the range is wide with tendencies to gully. Essential exclusives you'd be an absolute madman not to check include his deep-swing twist on Digital's seminal "Deadline", the insane sub bass slipperiness on Random Movement's incredible "In Space No One Can Hear You Funk" and the "Up All Night" style late 90s slap down with his brother Unreal "Enduro". A proper mix and a previously unobtainable selection that's yours for the taking... What's not to love here?
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