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Style Drum and bass, Liquid-funk
Released 5/12/2016
Format MP3,320kbps
Label BNC Express
Cat BNC102
Type Album

Control Change — "Sunrise (Original Mix)" 4:56
Control Change — "We Get High (Original Mix)" 4:51
Control Change — "Zitra (Original Mix)" 4:53
Control Change — "Hands Up (Original Mix)" 4:29
Control Change — "Wha I Want (Original Mix)" 4:29
Control Change — "Air Drop (Original Mix)" 5:12
Control Change — "Black Forest (Original Mix)" 5:12
Control Change — "Green Light (Original Mix)" 5:13
Control Change — "Float (Original Mix)" 5:24
Control Change — "Trust In Me (Original Mix)" 4:31
10 / 49:09


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"Club Mates" is the first Control Change's album. These two has worked around a simple concept: mixing what they love and producing together what grooves their interest. With that being said, besides the necessary liquid oriented tunes for the listening session - the funk to let loose on the dance floor are also present and are not left for last. If you are into Liquid Funk, grab your trusty headphones and keep that finger on the volume knob as this album showcases the duo talent and love for a sound that says solid drum'n'bass.
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