Style: Drum and Bass, Liquid funk
Release date: 17-07-2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 216 Mb
Label: Soul Deep Digital

01. CPH - Believe Me
02. Dubla Project - Sunset
03. Fishy - Forest Sunlight (Eschaton remix)
04. Just Breathe - Listen
05. Larigold - All Alone
06. Breaking Beats - Long Time
07. Mosaic Theory - Infinite
08. Motional - Lost Time
09. R1C0 - Never Be
10. R1C0 - The Last Time
11. Rodrigo - Improvisacion De Iluvia
12. Sickness & Dismay - Broken Dreams
13. SiLi - There Are Many Ways
14. Spet - Last Chance
15. Subway Funk & Hazuki - U Call Me
16. Motiv - Far Away

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if the title doesn't say it all (and it really should) then the label's consistent ethos to discover fresh talent around the world certainly will. Soul Deep have been whittling this stick for years, bring us names who've been criminally overlooked before and bringing it all together with a usually blissful, bright and breezy signature. The LA label's first Unsung Heroes package since last November here we find Eschaton adding a "Horizons" style twist to "Forest Sunlight" we're in air piano heaven on Mosiac Theory's "Infinite" and we go loopy to the classic liquid dynamics of Rodrigo's "Improvisacion De Iluvia". And that's just three of 16 cuts on offer here. Soul Deep a truly spoiling us.
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