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Optical - 20 Years Of Optical, Vol. 1 [EP] 2016

Style: Drum and Bass, Neurofunk
Release date: 16-09-2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Virus

Х Optical Ч Raging Calm (7:41)
Х Optical Ч Slip-Thru (6:49)
Х Optical Ч Moving 808's (6:49)
Х Optical Ч Dark Skies (8:40)
Х Optical Ч Hitek-Dreams (6:53)
Х Optical Ч To Shape the Future (5:52)
Х Optical Ч To Shape the Future (Remix) (5:50)
Х Optical Ч The Shining (5:58)
Х Optical Ч Swift Glide (8:00)
Х Optical Ч The End, Pt. 1 (6:24)
Х Josh Wink Ч Simple Man (Optical Remix) (7:57)
Х Optical Ч What's the Difference? (6:56)


20 years old and still sounding centuries ahead of the game, Optical's repertoire is a lesson in D&B history and future. Celebrating his influential tenure to date, here we find Optical selecting highlights from drum & bass's most formative era. Benchmark-setting cuts such as the Metalheadz-released spiralling paranoia jam "Raging Calm", the slinky Prototype-released stepper "Moving 808s" and the alien funk odyssey "Dark Skies" on Matrix's Metro are all present and correct, as are his solo highlights from his and Ed Rush's game-changing album Wormhole. With such a rich legacy to cherry pick from, these volumes could go on for days and remain relevant for years.

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