A Sides - Quart Sector 5 (EP) 2016

Style: Drum and Bass
Release date: 16.12.2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Zip: 56 Mb
Label: Eastside

01. A Sides - This Is Your Time (feat. Vanessa Freeman) [Break Remix]
02. A Sides - Calibre (Spirit Remix)
03. A Sides - Uptown (feat. Cool Hand Flex) [Serum Remix]
04. A Sides - Stick Up Kid (A Sides Remix)
05. A Sides - Wake Up (Voltage Remix)

free download3264633-02.mp3

What an incredible year it's been for A Sides. Celebrating 25 years in the game with a staggering 25 track album / EP series, he's demonstrated nothing but raw relevance and powerful production skills throughout. This final EP is no exception. And this time he's brought some friends along for some remix action - Break brings our attention to Vanessa Freeman's soul on "This Is Your Time", Spirit takes "Calibre" back to the Blue Note and Serum lays down a lovely mid/late 90s Full Cycle flavour to the riff on "Uptown". It's down to A Sides himself to close the show. And he does so with a classic Zinc-style bass riff. 25 tracks and not a sniff of filler: Be sure to cop the whole EP series.
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