Oiki - Dubstep Planet 5 Special Mix (2014)

DJ, Музыкант: Oiki
Бэйс, Басс, Bass Релиз: Dubstep Planet 5 Special Mix
"Музыка": Dubstep, Trap
Дата Релиза: 13.01.2015
Тип Релиза: Mixed
Музыкальный формат: MP3
Качество Музыки: 320 кб/c
Size муз. архива ~ 66 MB

1. Oiki - Get It Now (Flex VIP) - Trolley Snatcha - Make My Whole World
2. Agbo - Angry Style
3. Agbo - Angry Style (iBenji remix)
4. Caspa - My Pet Monster
5. Djemba Djemba x London Future - Look At Me Now feat. Ifa Sayo
6. Oiki - Groove
7. The Others x Emalkay - Fall Out
8. The Frim - Bassline Skanka
9. Arston - Zodiac (Dropzone remix)
10. Oiki - Ratchet
11. Kill The Noise – Jokes On You (Kill The Noise VIP)
12. Trolley Snatcha - Make My Whole World - Oiki - Groove
13. Birdy Nam Nam: Goin' In - Skrillex "Goin' Down” Mix
14. Emalkay - Fabrication
15. Sandro Silva & Quintino - Epic (Luminox remix)
16. Oiki - Are You Scared
17. Gent x Jaws - Turnup
18. Spenca feat. Synclan - Do It Live (The Juggernaut remix)
19. Caspa - Fulham 2 Waterloo

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