Fiend - The Seven Deadly Dubs (EP) 2016

Style: Deep Dubstep | Dubstep
Release date: 26/07/2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Dubtribu
Cat: DTR016

• Fiend — Shiver (Original Mix) 4:17
• Fiend — Chernobyl (Original Mix) 5:51
• Fiend — Cult (Original Mix) 6:09
• Fiend — Devils Lettuce (Original Mix) 4:48
• Fiend — Wrath (Original Mix) 5:42
• Fiend — Elara (Original Mix) 6:04
• Fiend — Venus (Original Mix) 4:45


Review: Thou shalt covet thine mysterious Fiend as he steps up to Dubtribu with his debut album Seven Deadly Dubs. Digging deep into the roots of dubstep and what the dynamics truly mean, each track takes us back to the earliest incarnations of the genre with pensive, meditative weight, flow and arrangements. Highlights include the soft-but-firm doubled kick pummels of "Chernobyl", the organic drum rattles and weaves of "Devil's Lettuce", the pneumatic mechanical drum funk of "Wrath" and the deep space soul of "Venus". Thou shalt not sleep on this.
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