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Style. Deep Dubstep, Dubstep, Instrumental Grime
Released. 26.08.2019
Quality. 320kbps|MP3
Label. White Peach
Cat. WPR043

Review: When we see both Koma and White Peach in the title of a new project, it's difficult not to be excited, as you are pretty much guaranteed to find something incredible when two names as consistent as this combine. Koma kicks off his new EP with the alien textures and glittering arpeggios of the title track 'Arrival', before landing in lo-fi heaven as the more stripped back, spooky harmonies of 'Barcode' wade into play. Next, the buzzy sub tones and warbling bass synths of 'Missing Amsterdam' appear to cause some serious damage, before Rygby joins the party on 'Tasteful' to round the project off in style!

Koma — Arrival 3:21
Koma — Barcode 5:26
Koma — Missing Amsterdam 2:56
Koma, Rygby — Tasteful 3:47


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