Machine Code — Samurai [LP] 2014

Style: Drum and Bass, Dubstep
Release date: 03/11/2014
Format: MP3-320 kbps
Label: Ad Noiseam
Cat: ADN181
Type: Album

1. Machine Code — It's Time
2. Machine Code — Wires
3. Machine Code — Urban Drum (feat. MC Coppa)
4. Machine Code — Gatling
5. Machine Code — Seraphic
6. Machine Code — Labyrinth (feat. Balkansky)
7. Machine Code — Samurai
8. Machine Code — ed Nova
9. Machine Code — Headphone Eden
10. Machine Code — Mining
11. Machine Code — City Lights
12. Machine Code — Requiem (remix by Huron)



"Samurai" is the fourth full-length album by Machinecode, the boundary-pushing project of Tim Elliot (Current Value) and Dean Rodell. Probably their more daring work to date, this album does not stick to the accepted rules of drum'n'bass, but takes instead their experiments several steps further. After two albums by their Underhill "super-band", the two of them present today their first Machinecode release for Ad Noiseam. Decades of production and concerts have made of the producers behind Machinecode some of the most acclaimed purveyors of forward-thinking (and forward-sounding) drum'n'bass. Their taste for innovation, demonstrated since their earliest EPs, was the key to their first album ("Environments") and fully unfolds in "Samurai". Machinecode's most daring – some will say experimental – work is the one in which they allow their ideas to express themselves in the most personal way, something essential to Ad Noiseam. The universally recognized common thread of all Machinecode tracks is their impressive, masterful production. This is proven again in "Samurai": Current Value's low frequencies dive deeper than ever (case in point being the aptly name "Headphone Eden"), whereas Dean Rodell's knife-yielding beats take us for daring rides ("Gatling"). The duo steps out of the neuroid sound it helped create, opting for science-fiction-like sounscapes ("Wires"), dubstep tempos ("Labyrinth", with Balkansky), bold back-flips ("It's Time"), headbang-inducing guitar riffs ("Red Nova") or the masterful vocals of MC Coppa (also a member of Underhill, this time featured on "Urban Drum"). Topping the whole thing is a remix by Huron, Berlin's glichtronica best kept secret. "Samurai" is what comes out when two highly experienced producers give free reign to their ideas without being bound by the limitations of a style. Heavy, Original, evocative, driven, powerful, sexy, fresh, deep, fun, sharp, bold: there is a lot to discover in this album. We strongly encourage long and repeated headphone-listening sessions in the company of this futuristic, robotic samurai.
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