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Music Trap, Dubstep
Released 27/03/2020
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Wakaan
Nr WAK096

• Krischvn — Baked 3:45
• Krischvn — Second Baked 4:49
• Krischvn — Over Baked 4:00
• Krischvn — Stop Getting Baked 3:41


WAKAAN is to release the slamming ‘Baked’ EP from creative bass talent Krischvn on March 27th. With past sounds landing through the likes of NSD: Black Label and Quality Goods Records, he has put together a set of different edits for this collection.
He reveals: “You know what’s crazy? When I titled it ‘Baked’ I had no idea that Americans used this term as getting high. I first imagined baking something in an oven, or like when your brain is just so fried from life. “ The original ‘Baked’ comes first on the EP and is richly percussive – all menacing drum kicks and progressing tempo before its low-surging dubstep drop.

Next up is the appropriately titled ‘Second Baked,’ which again starts steady before hitting the mark with sharp claps and shattering smacks of melody. ‘Over Baked’ is a more refined edit, putting focus on its repeated riffs and scratchy bassline. Lastly comes ‘Stop Getting Baked.’ A deep, rolling beat and chopped up rhythms are complemented by vocal hits and wonky, chattering riffs.

Krischvn goes on to add: “The final product is 4 ‘Baked’s which each have 4 drops. I found a happy medium in finalizing each track and am so happy to finally give this the light of day. There are still 3 other completed versions that I have that may never see the light of day. Well it’s 2020 now, so let’s get Baked.”
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