Style: Dubstep, Future Riddim, Melodic Dubstep
Year: 18/12/2020
Quality: 320 kbps, MP3
Label: Rushdown
Cat: RSD085
Type: Compilation

Volume 2 contains 12 tracks showcasing the diversity and flexibility of each of our artists' take on colour bass / melodic riddim. We hope you enjoy!
Rushdown all-stars return for another trend-setting, end-of-year compilation full of colour and vibrance. 2020 hasn't been a great year for many things but it has seen a turn in the dubstep scene's acceptance of its melodic side and a rise in popularity for the sound we've been pushing in our small corner for years.
With artists like Ace Aura, Millennial Trash, Skybreak, Sharks, Nemesy, Blosso & more making moves onto some of the biggest dubstep labels this year, the future of dubstep looks more colourful than ever and we're proud to help make that happen!

Chime - Bloom 3:00
Similar Outskirts - Shockwave 3:51
Millennial Trash - Mood Swings 3:34
Kaval - Space Storm 4:01
Blosso - Black Riddim 3:07
Asteroid Afterparty - loading... 3:39
Phazen, Skybreak - Dark Aether 4:10
SXTH SNS - Molecular 2:38
Crystallis - Dragon Fruit 3:34
kittito, Paper Skies - Nebula 4:07
DansDemand - Atlantis 4:04
Datamosh - Broken System 2:56
12 / 42:36

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