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Style: Dubstep, Deep Dubstep, Trip-Hop, Neo-Soul
Year: 30/10/2020
HQ: MP3 320kbps
Label: Deep Medi Musik
Cat: MEDiLP015
Type: Album

Following on from the release of 'Braindamage' earlier this year, we see the super original sounds of A/T/O/S land once again on the legendary Deep Medi Musik imprint for a feature length LP project. In an age of infinite genre fusion and vocal experimentation, this album really does represent a changing of the tides as the untouchable collaborative energies of Amos and Truenoys unleash a ten track epic, challenging an uncountable number of genre restraints. From the spooky backdrops of 'Space Rails' and sumptuous vocal displays of Amos on 'Are You In Love', we see the duo rise to yet another peak of both consistency and quality. Our highlights would have to include the dreamy soundscaping and sweeping subs of 'Connect The Signs', alongside 'Stretched', an experimental journey through chiming instrumentation and retro drum sounds. Incredible stuff!

Х A/T/O/S Ч today 2:56
Х A/T/O/S Ч space rails 3:08
Х A/T/O/S Ч connect the signs 3:36
Х A/T/O/S Ч sun saver 3:04
Х A/T/O/S Ч sofa silence 3:25
Х A/T/O/S Ч are you in love 3:00
Х A/T/O/S Ч braindamage 2:33
Х A/T/O/S Ч stretched 3:47
Х A/T/O/S Ч listen 3:28
Х A/T/O/S Ч hidin love 4:11
10 / 33:02

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