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Style: Grime, Deep Dubstep, Future Beats, Trap
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Date: 5/1/2021
Label: YUKU
Cat: YUKU008

Невероятно басистые треки с неподражаемой атмосферой от ТРАКИ. Вышел на ЮКУ. Первый релиз этого года. Отличное начало!

• Traka — Intro 1:19
• Traka — Stomp 2:59
• Traka — Hybrid 2:59
• Traka, Killa P — Start Taking Note 3:17
• Traka — Mitsushi 3:11
• Traka — Flux 3:58
• Traka — Agnostic 2:58
• Traka — Isolated 4:08
8 / 24:46

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"For us, the Start Taking Note is a marvellous Frankenstein of sonic fragments. Foley, samples, ethnic instruments and late night synth jam sessions put together over solid UK Grime Influenced beats, bring together a sound of multiple generations of music and musicians together, to create this unique adrenaline shot.
We always strived to distinguish ourselves from the generic sound of the club scene, and we consider EP to be the foundation of our audio/visual identity.
Belgrade’s urban underground music scene and the urban graffiti art is something that brought us all together, and will always stay a purest form of inspiration.
We also very grateful for Killa P’s guest appearance on the EP title track. His career, tunes and artist he worked with amongst the core influences of our sound."

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