Download MORiLLO - Shades of Green (GR158) mp3

Style: Deep Dubstep, Dubstep, Psy-Bass, Psy-Dub, Trap
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Date: 5/02/2021
Label: Gravitas Recordings
Cat: GR158

Drumming and music production have always lived in separate worlds of Morillos musical journey. Taking a big step in tethering the two together, Morillo returns to Gravitas Recordings with his latest album, Shades of Green. During quarantine, Morillo prioritized the ability to properly record and incorporate acoustic drums into his production from his Los Angeles studio. From there, he dedicated his energy into tuning and refurbishing his drum kit, acquiring necessary recording gear, and learning engineering skills to translate it into production. The result was a fresh aesthetic diverging from strictly electronic sounds, empowering a live and more human aspect to his music. Shades of Green is a hypnotic, handmade small-batch record that dives deep into organic soundscapes to move listeners spiritually and physically.

Badmon Sound plunges into the depths of wicked acoustic territories as sirens apprise their warning. Featuring Evan Hatfield on Sitar, the two whisper deep Secrets into the cosmos before Meg Gardner closes the tune with original spoken word poetry. In collaboration with Canadian bass producer PRZM, Champion Sound is a lush excursion through funky reggae territories. Los Angeles singer Talia Bentson soon whisks listeners to an ethereal, yet dark Dreamland. Ticking clocks precede a royal dubby coronation in King of Kings. Title track Shades of Green'' inhabits a meditative jungle, isolated from the busy metropolis. Featuring Los Angeles producer DanniG, One$$ delivers fresh soundscapes between dominant bass waves and electrifying drum patterns. Heartfelt and zestful energy in Rain and Mist hydrates natures spirits, concluding the vibrant album.

1. Morillo Badmon Sound 4:30
2. Morillo Secrets (feat. Evan Hatfield) 3:52
3. Morillo x PRZM Champion Sound 3:14
4. Morillo Dreamland (feat. Talia Bentson) 4:40
5. Morillo King of Kings 4:00
6. Morillo Shades of Green 3:37
7. Morillo x DanNig One$$ 2:40
8. Morillo Rain and Mist 5:00

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