Code Pandorum - GOD 2016 [LP]

Style: Dubstep, Deathstep
Release date: 08/02/2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Prime Audio

1. Code: Pandorum — Calvaire 4:17
2. Code: Pandorum, Soberts — Judgement Day 5:11
3. Code: Pandorum — Chosen 5:09
4. Code: Pandorum — Pyramid 5:40
5. Code: Pandorum — God 4:45
6. Code: Pandorum — Ritual 5:22
7. Code: Pandorum, Kram — Let Us Pray 4:41
8. Code: Pandorum — The Banshee Chapter 4:27
9. Code: Pandorum — The Canal 4:46
10. Code: Pandorum, Kreten & 100Hurts — The Ragnarok 5:43
11. Code: Pandorum — Renaissance 4:37
12. Code: Pandorum, ORBiTE & Mag Mag — The Fallen Ft MagMag 5:06
13. Code: Pandorum — Obit (Epilogue) 3:19

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How long did the LP take you to Create? The LP took me 2 years to complete start to finish. What is the Theme for the LP? The theme I went for is The Equality between Heaven and Hell..... I dont want to just do music. I wanted to create a story. Every tune is like a chapter in a book. I wanted to create a horror movie type atmosphere throughout the whole album & a surreal experience for every listener. Are you happy with the end result? F_ck yes, I think I made both: A perfect combination of what I love, I am and what my "fans" want to hear. God damn Im proud as F_ck & this thing is my little baby and the start of something even bigger.
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