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Style Dubstep, Future Bass, Glitch-hop
Released 5/04/2016
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Gravitas
Cat GR088

Unlimited Gravity — "That's Gravity (Original Mix)" 4:57
Unlimited Gravity — "Squish Mode (Original Mix)" 4:37
Unlimited Gravity, Psymbionic — "Down Low (Original Mix)" 3:53
Unlimited Gravity — "Get It (Lil Mama)" 5:16
Unlimited Gravity — "Life Support (Original Mix)" 5:57


Turbo | Nitro

Denver’s resident wunderkid Ronnie Weberg, better recognized as Unlimited Gravity, drips out his newest EP “Slosh Mode” today via Gravitas Music. His stylings pull from many different inspirations; hip hop, electro soul, dubstep, and trap influences are each felt vigorously on the five song release. After numerous, widespread successes with remixes and collaborations going viral in all corners of the internet, this most recent collection of originals shows how Ronnie’s production chops have sharpened over time with a sound evolved to be uniquely his own.

For their premiere of “That’s Gravity”, The Untz notes the “stunning bass work” found within, remarking on a “Middle Eastern flair” carrying the tune to its culmination. The fierce “Get It (Lil Mama)” contorts bass and lead melody together effortlessly into a compelling knockout, while a hard hitting collaboration alongside Psymbionic puts some icing on the cake with a harmonious coupling of styles. “Life Support” completes the album as an emotional yet upbeat deviation balancing apprehensive piano amidst distorted synthesis.
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