Savant - Outcasts (COLLECTION 4CD) 2016 [LP]

Style: Dubstep, Bass House, Drum and Bass, Drumstep, Trap, Breaks, Midtempo, Glitch Hop, NuDisco, Hardstyle, Psy-Trance
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 21/10/2016
Label: Vacation Australia

Outcasts is a 4 CD Collector's edition of unreleased Savant music. WIPs, VIPs and demos from 2012 - 2015. This disc contains all four digital albums OUTCASTS (DEMOS), OUTCASTS (VIPS), OUTCASTS (UNRELEASED) and OUTCASTS (UNRELEASED 2).

CD1 (Unreleased)
Savant Ode To Joy 00:02:12
Savant Never Been To Amsterdam 00:01:30
Savant Grim 00:04:43
Savant Wet 00:01:12
Savant If God Knew 00:04:35
Savant Hipster Paradise 00:05:13
Savant End of an Era 00:01:34
Savant Never Been To Japan 00:03:48
Savant F_ck You 00:03:54
Savant Odin 00:03:29
Savant Destiny Cream 00:02:49
Savant Underground 00:03:45
Savant Speedrun 00:04:30
Savant Ratcheteer 00:02:52
Savant Tape Machine 00:01:52
Savant Redemption (Band Mix) 00:01:20
CD2 (Unreleased 2)
Savant Memory (Intro) 00:00:42
Savant Snowl 00:02:45
Savant Narcos 00:02:30
Savant Never Been To Belgium 00:01:31
Savant Zero 00:04:34
Savant Overwork 00:02:37
Savant Hostile Makeover 00:06:37
Savant Cult Of Alchemist 00:02:31
Savant Anvil 00:02:16
Savant Positive Vibes 00:03:00
Savant Power Up 00:01:18
Savant Psykick 00:03:52
Savant Warned 00:03:28
Savant All The Time 00:03:55
Savant Splinter 00:01:49
CD3 (Demos)
Savant Royality (Demo Mix) 00:02:41
Savant Spacewolfe (Demo Mix) 00:04:19
Savant Kali 47 (Demo Mix) 00:03:22
Savant How I Roll (Demo Mix) 00:05:37
Savant Forbidden (Demo Mix) 00:02:46
Savant Patriots (Demo Mix) 00:03:23
Savant Baddery (Demo Mix) 00:02:29
Savant Legacy (Demo Mix) 00:02:49
Savant Snake Eyes (Demo Mix) 00:00:53
Savant Princess of Zion (Demo Mix) 00:03:01
Savant Chop It (Demo Mix) (feat. Gino Sydal) 00:03:27
Savant Apocalypse (Demo Mix) 00:04:50
CD4 (VIP Mixes)
Savant Rise Up (Ending Acapella) 00:00:30
Savant Rabbit Whore VIP (feat. Blood Command) 00:03:19
Savant Splinter VIP 00:03:36
Savant Meshugga VIP 00:06:44
Savant Red Claw VIP 00:02:34
Savant Pizza Power Alien VIP 00:02:51
Savant Kali 47 VIP 00:03:23
Savant Illuminati VIP (Prelude) 00:02:45
Savant Sledgehammer VIP 00:02:51
Savant Arrival VIP 00:07:14


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Aleksander Vinter began the Savant project in 2011 with Ninur and over the last five years has captured the imagination and admiration of fans all over the world. Never one to stick to a genre, nor traditional conventions, Outcasts is not your typical album, but rather an anthology of both new, unreleased, VIP mixes and more to celebrate Savant's 5th anniversary.

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