Distance - Dynamis (LP) 2016

Style: Bass, Dubstep, Grime
Release date: 24-10-2016
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 109 Mb
Label: Tectonic

1. Distance - Instruction To Survive
2. Distance - Kingdoms Fall
3. Distance - Badman (feat Killa P)
4. Distance - Collide
5. Distance - Paradigm
6. Distance - Sink Or Swim
7. Distance - Fear Change
8. Distance - Betrayal (feat Beezy)
9. Distance - Unite
10. Distance - Serpent
11. Distance - Fiya
12. Distance - Talk To Me

free download3218316-02.mp3

When it comes to dubstep and its pioneers, people always drop the same names: Mala, Skream, Youngsta etc etc. But, there's another name that has been around since the FWD golden days. That name is Distance. Like many others who were involved in the scene's foundations, Distance has preferred to remain in the shadows, away from DJ booths, and firmly on his mixing board in the studio. If we're talking labels, he'd done 'em all - Hotflush, Planet Mu...the list goes on. Pinch's Tectonic feels like the perfect place to drop his new LP, especially because it strays way beyond the usual confinements of dubstep, and into whole new categories. From juke to bassline, and even techno, Dynamis is an album for lovers of the bass form. If that's your kink, this piece of work has got all the ingredients to satisfy your every need. Twisted basslines, haphazard beat flexes, and even some mashup lyricism. Sink your teeth, innit.

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