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Karnage - ENC007 (EP) 2017

Style: Deep Dubstep
Release date: 18.02.2017
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Encrypted Audio

1. Karnage & MarkI — Zatoichi
2. Karnage & MarkI — Model 29
3. Karnage & MarkI — Killswitch
4. Karnage & MarkI — Mokko

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Encrypted aren't messing around in 2017 are they? Following key releases from Ghast, Trop, Rygby, DMVU and Argo comes abyss veteran Karnage. Last spotted on FKOK via DayZero's EP, here we find in well-oiled rolling mode as "Zaoichi" cascades further and further into itself with loopy introversion. "Model 29" steps back to refocus on a much starker, classic bass riff, with all the right dub hallmarks and skies of space between the elements, this was designed for one thing only: smashing systems. "Killswitch", meanwhile, is tailored for smashing bodies.... a real menacing mechanical funk is at play as strong themes of techno run throughout. "Mokko" provides essential counterpoint with its wonderfully wobbly sub and big breeze pads that enter mid way. Full spectrum.

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