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Music Deep Dubstep
Released 27/03/2020
Format MP3,320kbps +[Flac/Lossless]
Label Scrub A Dub
Scrub a Dub kicks off 2020 with their twenty second release, featuring the vinyl debut for one of the most requested dubstep producers of the moment. A L X Z N D R has been making big waves with his melodic bootlegs and textured rhythms, gaining support from the likes of Mala, Sir Hiss and Zha. The American producer's Golden Gate EP breathes fresh life into soundsystem music with his original formulations and atmospheric sounds - a fully immersive 6 track journey, combining synths and soundscapes to provide deep, precise, yet raw dance material - available now on heavyweight vinyl and digital.

ALXZNDR — Golden Gate 4:40
ALXZNDR — Lei Shen 3:25
ALXZNDR — A100 5:03
ALXZNDR — Johari Bazaar 3:43
ALXZNDR — M C W 5:01
ALXZNDR — Red Raider 4:10

Turbo | Nitro

Turbo | Nitro


Now this is a link up we didn't expect to see, but by god are we happy to see it emerge. ALXZNDR links up with the wonderful Scrub A dub for a super hard hitting six track explosion, kicking off with the sweeping string melodies and choppy drum textures of the title track 'Golden Gate'. Next, 'Lei Shen' deploys an array of eastern woodwind melodies for a haunted vibe, alongside the heavy sub lines and twisted melodic switch ups of 'A100'. These are then followed by the sweeping scale plucks of 'Johari Bazaar' and the epic harmonic layers of 'M C W' before we round off the project with 'Red Raider', a sneaky, grimey roller, putting the finishing touches on an incredible body of work!
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