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Genre Jungle, Hardcore, Breakcore, Crossbreed, Experimental
Released 30/06/2020
Quality mp3/320 kbps +[wav/Lossless]
Label Deathsoundbat Recordings
Cat DSBLP021
Type Album
During these trying times, which have led people to stay put in their homes, Hallucihate decided to get most out of it. For 4 weeks, 28 days straight, he made a one track per day, with some diverse results. From simple ideas to more compelx ones, from dark gritty atmospheres to mellow vibes, there’s quite a bit to dig through. The track order is the as the date of making.

28 / 1:56:39
Hallucihate — Lazy Start 1:49
Hallucihate — Boombaclat 5:09
Hallucihate — Blackbird 5:58
Hallucihate — Bitter Sweet 2:10
Hallucihate — Losing The Grip 5:35
Hallucihate — So Fucking Gangsta Bro 1:47
Hallucihate — Street Justice 5:19
Hallucihate — Salvation 3:26
Hallucihate — Mechanical Obedience 4:31
Hallucihate — The Box 6:17
Hallucihate — Cagefight 4:42
Hallucihate — Beware The Wendigo 2:16
Hallucihate — Wet Work 4:26
Hallucihate — Hold On Tightly 5:07
Hallucihate — Blackjack 4:33
Hallucihate — Sweet Scent 4:03
Hallucihate — Battle Royale 5:09
Hallucihate — Execute Order 2:22
Hallucihate — Rough Ride 3:40
Hallucihate — Ghosts Of The Moon 5:35
Hallucihate — Ruined Memories 2:07
Hallucihate — Wardance 5:36
Hallucihate — Feels Bad, Bad, Very Bad 3:01
Hallucihate — Goldboi 3:14
Hallucihate — Stargazer's Romance 4:54
Hallucihate — Stressful Hypnosis 3:44
Hallucihate — This Is A Dank OG Indie Tune, You Wouldn't Get It 4:59
Hallucihate — Return Home 5:11

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