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Style Glitch Hop, Ethnic, ChillTrap, Future Bass, Chillstep, Trap
Quality MP3 320 kbps
Date 3/07/2020 | FLAC Lossless
Label Odyzey Music

Потрясающий и долгожданный альбом от француженки Клози из Тулузы.

1. CloZee - Mirage 4:05
2. CloZee - Neon Jungle 5:52
3. CloZee, The Kite String Tangle - Us (feat. The Kite String Tangle) 3:54
4. CloZee - Winter Is Coming 4:42
5. CloZee, Sauvane - Air (feat. Sauvane) 4:25
6. CloZee, 9 Theory - Nuages 4:16
7. CloZee - Heya 4:06
8. CloZee, Sir Bishop - Long Live The Chill (feat. Sir Bishop) 3:28
9. CloZee - Amazonia 3:19
10. CloZee - Perfect 4:17

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Portland-based producer Emancipator recently announced the Mountain of Memory (Remixes) LP via his self-run Loci Records. Featuring fresh takes on each of his acclaimed album’s fourteen tracks, he’s begun the rollout with a brilliant “Labyrinth” remix from French producer CloZee.
If you’re not familiar with CloZee, she’s known for producing music that seems to awaken your spirit as you listen. She’s a world bass producer drawing inspiration from her frequent travels and subsequent explosive performances across the globe. It’s beautiful music and she’s immensely talented.
She recently released the full-length Neon Jungle LP via her imprint Odyzey Music which led to praise from Billboard Dance, calling her a “standout star of the genre.” “Labyrinth” is genius on it’s own, and the CloZee’s remix pays perfect tribute while exhibiting her signature sound. Her remix bridges the gap between groovy electronic touches and a distinct hip-hop bounce. Stream the CloZee remix to Emancipator’s single “Labyrinth” below! This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: CloZee Flips Emancipator’s “Labyrinth” Into Intoxicating..
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