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Style: Trap, Future Beats
Date: 16/10/2020
Quality: MP3 320 kbps | WAV Lossless
Label: 20/20 LDN Recordings
Cat# 2020LDN032

Внезапная порция трэпа и хип-хопа от ребят из Ivy Lab! На днях дуэт выпустил свежий ЕР под названием «Fidget» с довольно экспериментальным заглавным треком, а также четырьмя более чилловыми и атмосферными композициями с мелодичными семплами и плотными свингующими ударными в духе их прошлогоднего ЕР «Stars». По словам коллектива, до конца года нас ждёт еще два релиза, которые увидят свет в ноябре и декабре соответственно.

Ivy Lab will close out the year with a monthly EP series, each accompanied by a picture gallery from London-based street photographer Above Ground.
- The duo spent the first half of the year curating and producing the weekly A/V Stream Twenty Twenty Global which brought musicians together with animators, video makers, VJs and dancers to create a weekly alt-rap / electronica magazine.
- Amongst the 150 contributors, the series boasted DJ appearances from Mr.Carmack, Daedalus, Jamz Supernova & Alix Perez ; visualisations from Fvckrender, Slim Boogie (Criminalz Dance Crew) & Strangeloop ; and collaborative streams with Insomniac, Basscoast festival and Amon Tobin (Album listening stream)
- Since parking the streams at the end of July it’s been solid studio time, and with somewhere in the region of 15-20 tracks complete, the North London duo known best for their experimentation at the crossroads between instrumental hip-hop & quirky bass music plan to soundtrack the winter with regular drops of fresh music, capsuled into a series of 5 track E.Ps.
- “We debated doing an LP but there’s a bunch of competing aesthetics in this season of music. Everything sat better in small batches / chapters where we could be somber one month, sunshine the next...bleak and unsettling the one after”
- “Lukas (above ground) might just be our favourite street photographer. Curating his imagery to specific tracks has given this series a really interesting episodic / soap-opera feel” ~ Ivy Lab.

• Ivy Lab - Ophelia 3:58
• Ivy Lab - Fidget 3:38
• Ivy Lab - Merlot 3:39
• Ivy Lab - Wanderlust 2:24
• Ivy Lab - Baywatch 480p 2:49

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