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Style: Drum and Bass, Electronic Rock, Neurofunk, Drumstep, Breakbeat
Year: 4/03/2016
HQ: MP3 320kbps | FLAC Lossless
Label: FiXT
Cat: none
Type: 25 x File, Album

The Qemists - Warrior Sound (Deluxe Edition) (2CD) + (Instrumentals)

Ќе запланированное издание группы дэ  эмистсов из двух дисков, вышедшее под лейблом FiXT, но есть информаци€, что это сама группа выпустила альбом в магазине bandcamp, по этому релиз не получил каталожный номер. ¬торой диск это инструментальные версии треков.

CD1 (12 / 45:24)
Х The Qemists Ч Our World 0:58
Х The Qemists, Hacktivist Ч Jungle 3:35
Х The Qemists Ч Run You 4:21
Х The Qemists, Kenta Koie Ч Anger 4:28
Х The Qemists Ч New Design 3:55
Х The Qemists Ч No More 4:08
Х The Qemists, Charlie Rhymes Ч Push The Line 3:55
Х The Qemists Ч We Are The Problem 3:50
Х The Qemists Ч Let It Burn 3:28
Х The Qemists Ч Warrior Sound 3:54
Х The Qemists, Ghetts Ч No Respect 4:42
Х The Qemists Ч Requiem 4:15

CD2 (13 / 50:52)
Х The Qemists Ч Run You (Memtrix Remix) 4:41
Х The Qemists Ч Our World (Instrumental) 1:02
Х The Qemists Ч Jungle (Instrumental) 3:40
Х The Qemists Ч Run You (Instrumental) 4:25
Х The Qemists Ч Anger (Instrumental) 4:32
Х The Qemists Ч New Design (Instrumental) 4:01
Х The Qemists Ч No More (Instrumental) 4:15
Х The Qemists Ч Push The Line (Instrumental) 3:58
Х The Qemists Ч We Are The Problem (Instrumental) 3:53
Х The Qemists Ч Let It Burn (Instrumental) 3:31
Х The Qemists Ч Warrior Sound (Instrumental) 3:57
Х The Qemists Ч No Respect (Instrumental) 4:45
Х The Qemists Ч Requiem (Instrumental) 4:18

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FLAC: turbo

The Qemists are, in many ways, something of a Qonundrum. TheyТre rock kids seduced by the dancefloor, dance kids equally happy playing live instruments or building tracks on the computer, drum & bass aficionados who believe their hurtling breakbeats sound best under big muscular metallic guitar riffs.
On paper, such a sound clash seems like a train wreck in the making. However, pumped as loud as your speakers will allow, or booming through the PA at one of their live shows, The Qemists make glorious sense. Their fearless genre-mashing has already garnered them a sizeable following across the globe, scoring a previous number one album in Japan and playing to audiences of over half a million people in Poland.

Warrior Sound has seen the band grow from three to five members, but The Qemists also continue to broaden their sound by teaming up with a diverse range of artists, including Hacktivist on the brilliant up-tempo anthem Jungle. The album also features collaborations with Japanese metallers, Crossfaith, whose singer Kenta Koie features on Anger and UK grime MC Ghetts on No Respect.

Now a band of five brothers - Dan Arnold, Bruno Balanta, Liam Black, Leon Harris and Olly Simmons, The Qemists are a real live tour de force. Proof of this has been seen on recent tours with Korn and Enter Shikari, one off shows with the likes of Skindred, and stand-out festival performances at Download, Breakout and Butserfest. deezer
The band are now primed and ready to unleash their latest album, Warrior Sound, which binds their respective influences & styles together naturally into one progressively cohesive and solid sound. In short, The Qemists have finally arrived.

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