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Download Degs - MIXTAPE SPRAYOUT Vol. 2 [NHS420DD] mp3

Style: Drum and Bass
Release: 30/4/2021
Quality: MP3 320 kbps | FLAC Lossless
Label: Hospital
Cat# NHS420DD

"This mixtape came together very quickly. I wanted to do something that goes back to my roots and allows me to sound off about things that stimulate me. We're still in the midst of a global pandemic, so I felt a project with storytelling would be relevant for these crazy times. For this tape I've collaborated with some of my heroes, some talented up and comers in Drum & Bass and some of my best friends too! I'm so proud to work with these incredible people, their work is inspiring. Huge shouts to my label too for letting me express myself with no limitations." - Degs


"Этот микстейп был написан очень быстро. Я хотел сделать что-то, что относится к моим корням и позволяет мне говорить о вещах, которые вдохновляют меня. Мы все еще находимся в разгаре глобальной пандемии, поэтому я чувствовал, что проект с истолкованием историй будет уместен в эти сумасшедшие времена. Для этого релиза я сотрудничал с некоторыми из моих кумиров, некоторыми талантливыми новичками в Драм-энд-басе и некоторыми из моих лучших друзей! Я так горжусь тем, что работаю с этими невероятными людьми, их работа вдохновляет. Огромное уважение моему лейблу за то, что он позволил мне выразить себя без каких-либо ограничений." - Degs

1. Degs feat. Operate — Intermission 2020 4:05
2. Degs feat. Nu:Tone & Duskee — Can We Talk? 4:18
3. Degs feat. EVIL B, De:Tune & Citrusfly — No Prisoners 3:22
4. Degs feat. Keeno, Royalston, Unglued & Whiney — Wobbo Dub 3:44
5. Degs feat. MURIUKI — Maisha 3:29
6. Degs feat. Nu:Tone & Charli Brix — The Connection 4:55
7. Degs feat. MURIUKI — Found My Home 1:25

8. Degs feat. HARRY SHOTTA & T95 — Trenches 3:23
9. Degs — Crosstown Blues 4:13
10. Degs feat. De:Tune & Citrusfly — Final Notice 3:44
11. Degs feat. Dynamite MC & MURIUKI — It’s Just What Lovers Do 3:48
12. Degs — A Lesson In Humility 3:39
13. Degs feat. MURIUKI — Terminal 2 3:39

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Hospital Records proudly present the highly anticipated second edition of Degs’ ‘Mixtape Sprayout’. Making his mark on the scene back in 2018 with his debut single ‘Poveglia’ swiftly followed by his first mixtape, the multi-talented MC, vocalist and singer/songwriter steps up once again with his 13-track ‘Mixtape Sprayout Vol.2’.
Returning to his roots, expect Degs’ own lyricism and production which expresses stories about hope, pain, family and loss, as he invites his friends, lifelong heroes and up-and-comers along too. With Nu:Tone, Charli Brix, Harry Shotta, Dynamite MC, Evil B, Keeno, Royalston, Whiney, Citrusfly, Operate, Duskee, and his younger brother MURIUKI, ‘Mixtape Sprayout 2’ will no doubt quickly earn staple release status within the world of drum & bass.

‘Can We Talk’, produced by fellow Hospital Records figurehead Nu:Tone who lays the groundwork for Degs’ harmonious vocals. With the sharp flows of rapid rank-riser Duskee who’s released with V Recordings and Fokuz, striking piano chords and crisp drums leave space for Degs’ personal narratives which paints a heartfelt picture.
A lethal four-way collaboration on ‘No Prisoners’ sees Horsham’s triple threat Degs, De:Tune and Citrusfly join forces with legendary drum & bass MC, Evil B. Dark, gritty and stepping, as renowned talent is combined with the new-wave of drum & bass, expect modulated basslines and bouncing vibrations to match the intricate wordplay of Degs and Evil B.
Teaming up with musical pathmaker and sublime vocalist Charli Brix, ‘The Connection’ sees another soulful tip from Nu:Tone. Delving deep into emotional rawness, Degs’ delicately crafted lyrics pay tribute to the loss of his close friend to suicide. Charli Brix offers her undoubtedly gorgeous harmonies and hopeful lyrics about love.

With the Horsham trio getting down to business yet again, ‘Final Notice’ is deeper in vibe with Degs’ enchanting vocal melodies laced within hypnotising arpeggios and a powerful sub bass wobbles. Adopting a more stripped back approach, this one is guaranteed to take you on a journey.
Degs’ steady rise and consistent output of top calibre music has seen him become one of the most prevalent artists within drum & bass. With his multi-faceted approach to his art through MCing, singing & songwriting, producing and DJing, Degs has been able to craft the successes of his very own Degscast streaming series from the ground up alongside landing guest mixes for the likes of Charlie Tee and Andi Durrant on Kiss Fresh. The only way is up from here.
Listen Online.

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