Amp Live - MZOZO 2019 (EP)

Style: Trap / Bass House / Glitch Hop
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Gravitas Recordings
Catalog: GR133
Release date: 05/04/2019

Amp Live — Riott feat. Zyme 02:29
Amp Live — You Know feat. Monika Santucci 02:08
Amp Live — Dropz 02:00
Amp Live, Mad Zach — Space & Time 02:41
Amp Live — Let Me Fly 02:51
Amp Live, SubDocta — Radical Sound 02:22


Hotlnk | Turbo | Nitro

Amp Live lives up to his title as one of California’s most versatile and prolific producer-DJ double-threats with the release of his album, MZOZO, now available on Gravitas Recordings. The pieces symbolize Anthony’s embrace of the future, as his forward-thinking inclination to eliminate boxes and labels manifests within the eclectic tracks. Contrasting from previous dreamy lo-fi and experimental projects, MZOZO, titled after the Swahili word for ‘conflict,’ is a progression into heavier bass music and represents Anthony’s change in pace and exploration. This fresh direction affirms his status as an innovative multi-genre experimenter that does not focus on one singular sound. True to his notable technique of infusing hip hop and electronic music, the six euphonious tracks draw listeners on a voyage across multi-genre acoustic environments that include various sensational collaborations.

Featuring Zyme, “Riott” launches the album off high energy by blending hip hop alongside funky bass and a tasty sax riff. Amp Live and Monika Santucci continue the party in “You Know,” with claps to introduce the heavy bass and a fierce horn that constructs the pathway into an electronic wave. Greeted by a flute and spacey trap beat, listeners encounter turntable action in “Dropz,” which signals a new and unconventional route onto another feel-good expedition. Resuming the alternate odyssey, Mad Zach and Amp Live’s “Space and Time” achieves a mellow trap soundscape that tantalizes eardrums. “Let Me Fly” presents future bass with a twist, as metallic synths meld the traditional upbeat sounds signature to future bass into Amp Live’s darker style found within the album. In collaboration beside West Coast Wobble master SubDocta, “Radical Sound” offers an enticing rhythmic flow to tether the musical masterpiece altogether.
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