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Genre Garage / Bassline / Instrumental Grime
Released 19/06/2020
Quality mp3/320 kbps
Label Tormented Audio
Type Compilation

There are few things we enjoy jumping into more than a weighty new 140BPM collection, with Project Allout & Tormented Audio having supplied us with here in some serious style. They have arranged a pretty killer roster to get involved across 16 scorching designs, including the likes of Juzlo, CREEP N00M, Mr Mud, M4XW311, Dotty and more. The project as a whole oozes quality and creativity, exploring the deeper, more niche realms of 140BPM music with a dubstep-like edge being employed to the most of the tunes. For us, our highlights would have to include Jakebob's super grimey synthesizer structure in 'Pac & Wallace', followed closely by the punchy sample stabs and unpredictable percussive breakdowns of 'Power Up' from Boss Mischief. Awesome stuff!

1. A.T — Deus 3:27
2. Boss Mischief — Power Up 3:38
3. BSN Posse, Manul, Energy Man — I Havent Come 2 Buy Anything 3:15
4. Conrad Beats — Krud 2:35
5. Creep n00m — The Bat 3:21
6. Dotty — You Dead 3:03
7. Jakebob — Pac & Wallace 4:38
8. Juzlo — Fantasy 4:20
9. Leberin — Wave 3:13
10. Majix — Streams 4:48
11. m4xw311 — Pharmacyde 2:48
12. Mr Lucro, D.O.K — Deadline 3:13
13. Mr Mud — T House 3:15
14. MR SKANDAL — Man Made 4:51
15. Squeeze — Manic 3:16
16. YYZ — Acapulco 4:12


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