Style: Hardstyle
Release date: 25/12/2017
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Activa Records

This is a fine set of 10 tracks from some of the producers who released on Activa Records in the past months. From blasting raw style bangers to more melodic and catchy hardstyle this collection has much to offer for every hardstyle lovers.

Activator; MC Da Syndrome - Go to Church (The Purge Remix) 4:25
Activator - Move Your Feet (Doull Remix) 4:26
Black Shadow - Say a Prayer (Extended Mix) 3:49
Dark Intentions - Energy (Extended Mix) 4:02
Doctor Zot - The World Will Be Mine (Extended Mix) 4:05
Double F-ect - Pounding (Extended Mix) 4:15
Francesco Zeta; Skyron - Breath (Extended Mix) 4:21
Karl-K - Odyssey (Extended Mix) 4:29
Reborn - Dirty Clowns (Extended Mix) 4:10
Sasha F - New Reality (Extended Mix) 4:45

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