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The Dubstep Awards should be considered best as a summary and celebration of the past year rather than a real competition. An initiative by duploc.com to push forward real dubstep.

Similar to last year’s awards, you can vote for your favourite dubstep records, producers, labels and more. The “Dubstep Awards 2019″ should be considered best as a summary and celebration of the past year rather than a competition. Together with the expertise of our partners, we have carefully selected nominees in 10 different categories, featuring content from the beginning of December 2018 up to the end of November 2019. The selection process and the entire Dubstep Awards are organised with total integrity and initiated by nothing but love for the 140 scene.

Voting starts on the 15th and ends on the 26th of December. We believe this is an amusing way to let fans rediscover the year, while this initiative allows us as a promotional platform to introduce the authentic dubstep sound to a broader audience. In the end it is such exposure which keeps things moving forward. Although, the most important aspect of the awards is people getting recognised by the community for their hard work and contribution to the genre.

Voting closed on the 26th of December 2019. 44 517 votes have been registered. Check the results below!

Best breakthrough producer 2019

Best EP release 2019
Ago - IMRV027
Alix Perez - Last Rites EP
Bengal Sound - BANDULU012
Glume & Phossa - CRUCIAL025
Headland - SYSTM027
Juss B - UA034
Mesck - ENV020
Rygby - WPR040
Samba - MEDi107
Saule - ARTKL044
SBK. - LOCUSv001
Shu - RARE12
Ternion Sound - DUPLOCv002

Best album release 2019
Boylan - 2 hrs sleep LP
Cimm - Unknown Caller!!
J.Sparrow - #000000365
J:Kenzo - Taygeta Code
VA - Moonshine Recordings 10 Years
VA - Polar Bear
VA - Syndicate
VA - Wakkusu LP

Best released original track/remix 2019
Ago - Good Luck!
Bukez Finezt - Headache VIP
ENiGMA Dubz - The Eyes
Glume & Phossa - Bat Country
Headland - The Judge
Jook - Flying Nimbus
Leftlow - Cluedub (Skeptical remix)
LSN & AxH - Gone For Never
Opus - Crumble
Rakjay - What's It Worth
Sepia - Tales From The Crypt
Sir Hiss - Rolling
Sleeper - Calling On Spirits
Somah - Mercy
Sub Basics - Whirlwind
TMSV - Funeral Bill

Best SoundCloud dubplate 2019
Chokez - Reeds
Distinct Motive - End Is Near
DPRTNDRP & Mr.K - Suppression
Hebbe - Quiche
Josi Devil - Mouwld
Oxóssi & Foamplate - Camel Dub
Roklem - Distorted Minds
Surreal - Pique
Tosti - Vraagstuk

Best record label 2019
Albion Collective
Artikal Music UK
Crucial Recordings
Deep Dark & Dangerous
Encrypted Audio
Infernal Sounds
Innamind Recordings
Navy Cut
Scrub a Dub
Sentry Records
Subaltern Records
White Peach Records
ZamZam Sounds

Best new record label 2019
786 Recordings
CNCPT Collective
Dubs Galore
Hotplates Recordings
Juan Forté Sounds
Locus Sound
Next Level Dubstep
No More Mailouts
Overdue Records
Romulus Records
Temple Of Sound
Vantage Records

Best DJ 2019
Bukez Finezt
DJ Hatcha
Joe Nice
Sicaria Sound
Ternion Sound
The Widdler

Best radio show/podcast 2019
BunZer0 [SUB FM]
Content [SUBTLE FM]
Deep Tempo
ESO Bristol
Indepth Radio
J:Kenzo [RINSE FM]
Joe Nice [SUB FM]
Pirate Copy
Sicaria Sound [RINSE FM]

Best event promoter 2019
Bassline Business
Beneath The Surface
B-Side LA
Dark Riddims
Give It Dub
Keep Hush
Shitty Dubstep
Teachings In Dub
The Mine
Tsunami Bass


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  • J:kenzo - Taygeta Code LP 2019
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  • Coleco – Kmag Guest Mix (08/05/2014)
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    DJ Gvozd - Pirate Station 952 (24/01/2020)
    Пиратская Станция Стиль/Жанр: Drum and Bass Формат: MP3|320kbps Архив: 275 Mb «All Episodes, все сеты Дж Гвоздь» Yes, yes, massive (Ес Ес Массив!!!)
    Gallery S - Gallery S LP
    скачать музыку бесплатно Style BreakBeat, Drum and Bass, Jungle, Techno-House Released 14/01/2020 Format MP3,320kbps +[Flac/Lossless] Label
    Rennie Pilgrem - Skin LP
    Style BreakBeat / Breaks Released 15/12/2008 Format MP3,320kbps Label Thursday Club (TCR) Cat RENNCD016 Type Album
    Desert Dwellers - Breath ReImagined, Vol. 1 LP
    Style Psy-Dub, Psy-Bass, Psy-Glitch Released 24/01/2020 Format MP3,320kbps Label Desert Trax Cat DSTX117 Type Album Щепетильность музыкантов Desert
    Tea Tree - Chasm LP
    Style Psy-Dub, Psy-Bass, Psy-Glitch Released 24/01/2020 Format MP3,320kbps Label Mindspring Music Cat MSM084 Type Album "Чайное дерево" вновь
    AK49 - NYC EP
    Style Deep-Dubstep, Dubstep Released 25/01/2020 Format MP3,320kbps Label Sacred Doctrine
    Morning High - Flowdan Bootlegs EP
    Style Grime Released 24/01/2020 Format MP3,320kbps Label Independent
    DIKIY - EDIT PACK vol.1 EP
    Style Trap, Drum and bass, Bass-House Released 24/01/2020 Format MP3,320kbps Label Independent Type Compilation
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    Brennan Heart - Show Your True Colors LP
    Style: Hardstyle Released: 22/03/2019 Format: MP3/320 kbps Label: I Am Hardstyle Cat: IAHCD001 Type Album
    Halflow - Mud Pump / Stumble Riddim EP
    Style Drum and Bass Released 10/01/2020 Format MP3,320kbps Label ProgRAM Cat PRGRAM097
    VA - Double UV The Annual 2016 LP
    Style Drum and Bass Released 30/12/2016 Format MP3,320kbps Label Double UV Cat DUVLP005 Type Compilation
    Mob Tactics - Eject EP
    Style Drum and bass, Neurofunk Released 17/01/2020 Format MP3,320kbps Label RAM Records Cat RAMM373D
    Exorcism - The Album LP
    Style Gabba / Uptempo Released 24/01/2020 Format MP3,320kbps Label Hell's Cat HELLS034 Type Album
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