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Download Aphrodite - Aftershock mp3
Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle
Quality MP3/320 | FLAC
Release date: 24/06/2002
Label: V2
Cat: VVR1019492

Download DJ Aphrodite - Overdrive mp3
Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle
Quality FLAC
Release date: 29/08/2005
Label: Radio Record
Cat: RR-00589

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Style: drum and bass, jungle
Quality: MP3/192 kbps
Release 7/12/2018
Zip: 112 Mb
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DJ Aphrodite — Live DROP THE BASS Club Opera (03-01-2018)

Style: Drum and Bass, Jungle
Release date: 10-01-2018
Quality: mp3/320 kbps
Size: 328 Mb

Запись выступления отца джаннл/днб музыки DJ Aphrodite, P.NUTS & Alex Yurov на фестивале Drop The Bass прошедшего в Клубе Опера Санк-Петербург.


Released 2010
Quality: mp3/320 kbps
Rar: 178Mb
Style: Oldschool Drum and Bass, Jungle
DJ Aphrodite (born Gavin King) also known as A Zone or DJ Aphro, is a UK jungle and drum and bass DJ/producer who works along with Micky Finn on their joint Urban Takeover label, along with Mixman. One of the oldest drum and bass producers, he largely contributed to and influenced the genre's current styles and techniques.
DJ Aphrodite is behind Aphrodite Recordings which was inspired by a club he ran in 1988 called 'Aphrodite'. His debut album was a self-titled effort under V2 Recordings released September 1, 2000. The follow-up was Aftershock which was again released under V2 Recordings on June 24, 2002, feat. artists such as Barrington Levy and Wildflower.

Since upgrading the Soundcloud account, now have the space to put this up again. DJ Aphrodite Melodic Drum and Bass Mix CD. Made in latter 2010. Melodic Drum & Bass; Recent favourites with a smattering of classics/anthems and specials/exclusives.

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style Drum'N'Bass, Jungle
quality mp3,192 kbps
rar 106 Mb

скачать dnb jungleскачать dnb jungle

Music Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hip-hop
Data 16/05/2020
Quality mp3,320kbps +[Flac/Lossless]
Label Aphrodite Recordings
Type Album

скачать dnb jungleскачать dnb jungle

Style: Drum & Bass
Quality: [mp3/192kbps]
Date: 1/12/2020
Zip: 168 Mb
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Music Drum&Bass, Jungle, Oldschool
Released 9/03/2020
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Aphrodite
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