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Music Industrial, Crossbreed, Hardcore
Data 30/03/2020
Quality mp3 320 kbps
Label Noisj
Cat NOISJ-98

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Music Ambient, Breakcore, Dubstep, Glitch, IDM, Industrial
Data 18/04/2016
Quality mp3 320 kbps
Label Raumklang
Cat RAUM-CD-25
Type Album

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Music Drum & Bass, Neurofunk, Crossbreed, Industrial, Metal, Hardcore, Dubstep/Trap, Midtempo
Data 29/05/2020
Quality mp3 320 kbps +[Flac/Lossless]
Label eOne
Cat EOMED42132
Type Album

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Music Industrial-Hardcore
Data 13/04/2020
Quality mp3 320 kbps
Label Dark. Descent.
Cat DD13103

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Style: Gabba, Industrial
Quality: MP3.320kbps
Zip: 136 Mb
Release: 28/05/2020

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Style Industrial
Released 5/03/2020
Quality MP3/320kbps +[Flac/Lossless]
Label Dark. Descent.
Cat DDRS007


Musica Industrial, Hardcore
Data 30/04/2020
Quality mp3,320kbps
Label Traumatic
Cat TRM-LP-054
Type Album

VA - Collected Into The Dark Lands - We Are Family

Style: Industrial, Doomcore, Hardcore, Acidcore, Industrial-Techno
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 18/12/2018
Label: Dark. Descent.
Catalog: DD15100
Zippy: 1.06 GB

VA - BIG PACK Collection - Collected: Into The Dark Lands - We Are Family LP!
The 100th release, a special occasion for a special label: Dark. Descent. has been living up to its role as a progressive maverick among the industrial hardcore scene, more daring, more versatile than others, thus creating a distinct label sound, bringing together a unique international artist roster and earning passionate recognition. Let’s celebrate this with no less than eight hours of music: 80 tracks by almost all of the people who have released on Dark. Descent., 21 of which are all new. A very limited CD with 15 of those tracks is also available, and that fine edition comes with an eight-page booklet containing the cover artwork of all 100 label releases, the entire download version of course – and the exclusive bonus CD single + digital track “Sorrow's Shapeless Rhyme” by Mute.

The legacy of Dark. Descent. is appropriately reflected in various aspects of this collection, the sheer number of quality tunes, past and present, speaks for itself. And the 15 CD tracks really hit the mark: Artists who have been growing and developing under the label’s guise, also featuring the mates of Traumatic, all delivering a sound which is simply state of the art in 2018. Possibly this is too demanding for the main stage, too rhythmic for the doomheads, too heavy for techno – but just right for those in the know. Impossible to remain untouched by the bouncing greatness of Defiler or Stan Grewzell, the gritty darkness of Embrionyc or Cyberstruct, the melodic grandeur of Shatterling, the immediate club appeal of Mindwalker or Cubic Nomad. One simply can’t point out single tracks – as the quality level never drops, but then - Dustrializer’s “I am” is nothing less than an anthem, a bold declaration of unity for the Dark. Descent. massive, resolving all doubts: We are family!


Styles Gabber, Hardcore, Techno, Industrial, Doomcore
Release date 31/10/2017
Format mp3
Quality 320kbps
Label Traumatic


Style Darkcore, Doomcore, Industrial
Released 29/02/2020
Format MP3,320kbps
Label Traumatic
Nr TRM-LP-052
Type Album
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Top 100 Best Breaks & BreakBeat Pack 2020 Vol 16
Styles: breaks, breakbeat, booty-breaks, nu/old-school-breaks, big-beat, progressive+atmospheric breaks Released: 6/06/2020 Quality: MP3/320kbps
Fabio - D&BTV Locked In (Liquid Set) (03-06-2020)
скачать dnb jungle Style: Liquid Drum&Bass Quality: MP3.192kbps Zip: 82 Mb Release: 3/06/2020
Insanity - Theory Of Core Podcast 170
Style: Gabba, Uptempo Quality: MP3.320kbps Zip: 150 Mb Release: 5/06/2020
скачать дабстэп Style: Dubstep, Brostep, Deep Dubstep, Riddim Released: 5/06/2020 Quality: mp3,320kbps Tracks: 200 Zip: 1,87 Gb Type: Collection
скачать бэйсхауз музыку Style: Electro-House, Trap-House, Midtempo, Dubstep-House, Bass-House, Uk Garage, Breaks, Bassline Release date: 5/06/2020
Style: Trap Released: 5/06/2020 Quality: MP3.320kbps Tracks: 100 / 5:26:01 Size: 743 Mb Type: Collection
Top 200 Best Drum and Bass Pack 2020 Vol 22
скачать драмнбэйс Style: Drum&Bass, Liquid Funk, Neurofunk, Jump Up, Intelligent, Techstep, Jungle Date: 5/06/2020 Quality: MP3.320kbps Tracks: 200
DJ Gvozd - Pirate Station 971
пиратская станция Жанр Drum & Bass Дата 05/06/2020 Формат MP3|320kbps Rar 276Mb «All Episodes, все сеты Дж Гвоздь» Record Club Pirate Station "Эфир
Lady Waks Record Club 585
скачать брейкс Style Breaks, Nu-Breakz, Drum&Bass, Jungle Quality mp3,320kbps Data 05/06/2020 Rar 138 mb (Все сеты Леди Вакс) All mixes
The Charm - End Of '92 EP
Style: Breakbeat, Hardcore, Jungle Quality: FLAC Release date: 00/00/2019 Label: 7th Storey Recollective Cat: 7SPR 12002
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