VA - DARKSTEP - DS010 (LP) 2018

Style: Darkstep, Breakcore, Industrial
Release date: 17/12/2018
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Darksteplabel
Cat: DS010

EDGEY - Decompilation [LP] 2019

Style. Darkstep | Breakcore | Jungle | Inmdustrial
Album date. 01/07/2019
Quality. MP3 | 320kbps
Label: Self-Released

Continuing with my effort to get all of my recorded material online and available for download in a single place...

This is a collection of one-off compilation releases I’ve written over the years. Many of these were only available for short-runs, festivals, limited editions, dubs, small batch vinyl, etc. Pretty sure whoever you are – a lot of this is “new to you”.

I’ve always liked writing one-off tracks more-so than putting together an entire album, as an entire album has to have some form of cohesion to it – that’s pretty restrictive – so free-form, writing-on-the-fly, whatever-I-feel-like, no genre’s, no formats… is much more enjoyable. Oddly enough, there is a “vibe” here – covering many of the genre’s I listen to – industrial, jungle, noise, gabber, breakcore, darkstep, idm, glitch, grind, ambient, all sorts of electronic influences.

Be sure to click each track to find the source, where and when it was released, and on what label and be sure to check out the other artists. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some awesome people over the years, so maybe that will help you find some new musical discoveries.

I did a fairly thorough job of tracking down all of my appearance (thanks discogs! There are still 33 releases pending *ahem*!) but there are a bunch more that I think are just lost forever (and some with bit-rates so low you'll have flashbacks of 28.8 modems - several hard-drive crashes later - those tracks are gone forever) – but if I find them, I’ll add them to this release in the future. If I missed something - send me a message!

Cannibal7 - Oxxxi 2019 [EP]

Style. Gabba / Industrial
Album date. 28/06/2019
Quality. mp3 | 320/kbps
Label: Dark Impact
Cat. DIR044

SIRUS - Singularities 2019 (EP)

Styles. Dubstep / Industrial / Drum & Bass / Hardstyle / Electro / SynthWave
Album date: 05/07/2019
Format. mp3
Quality. 320kbps
Label. Digital World Audio
Cat. DWD567

Australian cyberpunk act SIRUS’ latest album “Apocrypha” may have barely been available for 6 months – but the single that preceded it “Singularity” has now been out over a year, virtually selling out all its various physical formats along the way.

What better way to celebrate that first anniversary than by handing the audio over to the likes of superstar DJ ZARDONIC, scene heavyweights COMBICHRIST, emerging American industrial/EBM act ANTONYM and erstwhile DWA-labelmates RAVE THE REQVIEM to rip it a new one and rebuild an already outstanding song into a completely killer collection of remixes?

Dropping July 5th is the “Singularities” EP – comprising of 2 completely contrasting mixes by COMBICHRIST (including one about which Andy LaPlegua himself says “haven’t done anything this hard in forever”), a colossal (and dare we say “commercially accessible”?) club mix from Infest headliner ZARDONIC (plus instrumental version), an alternative club mix from ANTONYM, and a heavyweight drum ‘n bass breakdown by RAVE THE REQVIEM.

In keeping with a kind of tradition for SIRUS singles initiated on “Full Scale Revolt” 3 years ago, “Singularities” will be available on lathecut clear 12” vinyl, in an ultra-limited collectors edition of 24 hand-numbered copies. Like both “Full Scale Revolt” and the subsequent “Neon Dominion” this latest 12” is expected to rapidly rocket into sold-out status so…don’t delay if you’d like to get your hands on one.

“Singularities” comes also in a slightly expanded format for its digital and limited edition CD versions – sandwiching the 6 remixes between the “Single Edit” of “Singularity” and synthwave sounds of original b-side “Cycleheart”.

2Methyl - Antlia 2019 [EP]

Style: Dubstep / Industrial
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 16/05/2019
Label: Subtrakt UK
Cat: SUBT195

Mindwalker - Audible Coordinates 2019 [LP]

Style: Doomcore / Industrial
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 30/04/2019
Label: Traumatic
Cat: TRM-LP-044

Micromakine - UNIONLP002RMX 2014 [LP]

Style: Drum and Bass / Darkstep / Crossbreed / Industrial
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 01/12/2014
Label: Union

FB Force - Becoming Bionic 2018 [LP]

Израильский музыкант Дмитрий Шинкарчук, более известный как FB Force, представил свой долгожданный студийный альбом, который получил название "Becoming Bionic". Пластинка появилась 26 ноября 2018 года на лейбле Criminal Tribe ltd. Это полноформатный альбом, состоящий из девяти мощных композиций, которые пропитаны атмосферой киберпанка, заряжены энергией брейкбита, утяжелены нотами метала. Убойные ломанные ритмы, цепляющие синтезаторы, жесткие рифы, разные по стилю исполнения вокальные партии - все это вы сможете найти на альбоме.

Style: BigBeat, Breakbeat, Industrial, Electronic Rock
Release date: 26/11/2018
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Criminal Tribe Records
Cat: CTR032

VA - IMMORTAL HARDCORE! VOL. 5 Voice Of Terror 2019 [LP]

Style: J-Core, Speedcore, Terror, Industrial, Breakcore
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 16/05/2019
Label: Fujimi Industry JP
Cat: FIR070

Wychdoktor - Pact 2019 [LP]

Style: Noise / Industrial
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 30/04/2019
Label: Self-Released
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