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Style: Electronic, Trap, Alternative
Date: 2/10/2020
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: independent

He experimented with vocal collaborations for a time before carving out his current sound which is 100% his own, in a literal sense – he is its sole writer, producer, and performer. Gabriel put out a series of independent releases from 2016-2019 which have together accumulated over 11M streams on Spotify alone, garnering support from tastemakers like Majestic Casual and landing on coveted editorial playlists like “Fresh Finds.”
- Musically, though, the Knapsack project felt stagnant – he wanted to reinvent himself and drop a project that would truly reflect his story and sonic progress. Following an 11-month hiatus, The buzz of a lifetime, his 10-track LP, is that project.
- “I think it’s about coming of age,” says Gabriel of his debut album. He continues, “I mean it’s sort of about a breakup, sort of about all my dreams with this music stuff, sort of about growing up. It’s all abstract, though. I took a lot of camping trips with my family growing up, and I found myself romanticizing that a lot. The buzz is definitely supposed to bring you to that place, I think I’m just starting to understand what my roots mean.”
- Speaking on the album’s first single – but the project in its entirety, too – he explains: “[the song is] a realization that you can only convince yourself it’s okay for so long. You gotta let go. Everybody breaks down. ‘twelve degrees’ is a thesis. I wanted guitars in my music like this for so long. I wanted to combine styles and genres.

• knapsack - ‎out ‎of ‎the ‎city 2:06
• knapsack - ‎camp 3:11
• knapsack - ‎i'll ‎go ‎thru with ‎it ‎since ‎i ‎agreed ‎you ‎could ‎stay with ‎me 0:52
• knapsack - ‎anemia 2:27
• knapsack - ‎sleepyhead 2:52
• knapsack - ‎valid ‎thru the ‎year 2:25
• knapsack - ‎god's ‎better ‎side 2:16
• knapsack - ‎twelve ‎degrees 3:13
• knapsack - ‎magenta 4:22
• knapsack - ‎stolen from ‎thin ‎air 3:18
10 / 27:03

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